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I main Bowser in Mario Kart and Peach in Smash, which I always think is ironic XD

What about y'all?

@Katastrophic group

I like inkling despite never playing splatoon. I like the green girl inkling in mariokart and classic orange in smash, but I also swap between Zelda and Corrin depending on long or short range.

@larcenistarsonist group

Smash Bros: Bowser Jr or Kirby
Mario Kart: Bowser Jr on a random motorcycle. Every. Single. Time.
Splatoon: Usually an Inkling girl or boy with an N-Zap 89 or Clear Dapple Dualies

@furetakunai ac_unit

One of the only Nintendo games I play where you choose your character is Smash. I guess you could say I main Ike because he's fuckin' rad. I also really enjoy playing Min Min, she's really fun to me for no reason.
Oh, but in ARMS I actually play Twintelle.


Link or Waluigi in Mario Kart, and I switch between Dark Pit, Link, Zelda, and Pikachu in Smash. Not quite sure if this counts, but I almost always choose a Fire-type starter Pokemon and if given the choice between the Johto starters, I will always choose Cyndaquil.