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If you don't know what Fuzzy Pickles means in context of this game, then you shouldn't be here! :D

I've decided that after a year of being deader than a sack of rocks, I'm making a new and improved chat for MOTHER/Earthbound (except nothing has improved and I'm just making a new one to avoid bumping the old thread.)
Unfortunately, the site I've been on, is slowly dying and I can't do anything about it. So there's that. But on the good side, a new forum popped up around the beginning of January 2020 called "Mother Forever" and they have a ton of cool stuff going on over there! You can check it out here if you want!
But with all of that aside, what do you want to talk about? (I realize there isn't much to say about it, since there hasn't really been anything new, but I just felt like starting something here and give myself some time to refresh.