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okay FIRST i need to know if anyone here can make skins, and would be willing to make one for me, because boy oh boy can i not fuckin do shit. i have like, a couple creative skills i can offer in trade, such as a character/story playlist or possibly a poem(for a character) but the latter is iffy

and second i wanted to know who on here plays! i'm brand new to playing it on my own, cause my family used to have it as a shared thing but its been years since i've actually played. my little sister convinced me to get it(im using my brother's game, he doesnt use it but has it) so i could play on her roleplay server lmao


I cannot make skins because I have zero skills like that lmao

but I play! Sort of? Kind of? Not good at it since I've only been playing for like six months

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I play a bit. My computer has trouble running it asgjsld
I have made a couple of skins, and depending on what you want, I can always try my hand at making one for you


what version do you play? are you on console or computer? im on my laptop lmao

minecraft vibe check: what kind of player are you
im the one that hates staying in one place and would rather leave little outposts all over my map while traveling lmao

@tungsten fastfood

I’m on console and bedrock

idk anything else I’m just here for the party

I’m the type to fall in lava and immediately die and spawn on my original spot and lose everything


I play a bit. My computer has trouble running it asgjsld
I have made a couple of skins, and depending on what you want, I can always try my hand at making one for you

my laptop is apparently 'really good' -quote from my brother, so im hoping it plays it well!

oh my gosh i would die for you if you did? the only super surefire things in my head are short white hair, and a kind of temple priestess look(like, white dress, sandals/no shoes, etc) so im pretty sure theres a bit of creative liberty there lmao

@Becfromthedead group

I'm the type who's afraid to go mining, leaves survival with keep inventory on, and in a multiplayer game, I run the homestead and build structures while the fearless do the scary parts.
And I can try to do the skin for you! It might be a bit before I can get started bc I already have projects on my plate to finish, but if no one else is willing to do it before then, I'd be happy to.
I've only made like 2 skins (hehe they're just my ocs), but I'm pretty proud of them ngl.
If there are any more details you want, just lmk


you're all very valid players lmao

thank you! feel free to take your time, i have a few days before i can even start lol. and its very cool that you've made your own! i know like. nothing about minecraft proportions and i find them spooky

@Becfromthedead group

I mean, it's virtually impossible without one, bc minecraft just gives you the pixel dimensions which from that alone is a goddamn nightmare to work out, especially since the proportions are NOT intuitive


Yes!! I play!! I only have Bedrock even though I'm on a laptop lol.

Can't make skins for shit, sorry ;-;

I'm the type that is terrified of fighting anything until I finally go out and do it, after which I will fight literally anything except an Enderman. Poor organization, I've got like seventy chests and no, I don't know where that enchanted book went, but I'm looking okay?? And it doesn't matter if I'm living on an island and have to push it across the ocean in a boat, I'm getting a horse damn it.

@Becfromthedead group

So um… some interesting things in the server I have with my friends:

  1. Goblin hole- built a hole in the side of a ravine, very comfy, main base. There's top bunk, bottom bunk, and bottomest bunk which is IN the ground. Also a giant storage room, a snack room filled with berry bushes, a hot tub lined with magma cubes, and a nether wart garden.
  2. Chicken pit- I accidentally blew up like 2 creepers in the same spot, threw some chickens and a pen there to make it less unsightly. It's right over our goblin hole's storage room, so we added a glass floor/ceiling so we can see the chickens :)
  3. Sheep cave- we had a massive rainbow sheep farm and they were lagging out the server because they were so close to base and tightly packed, so I shoved them in a shallow cave in a nearby hill
  4. Hole and inverse hole- 15×15 hole down to bedrock. Then 15x15 solid tower right next to it that goes up literally as far as the world will allow. There's slime in the bottom of the hole so you can jump from the highest point possible to the lowest.

I promise we have actual cool builds, but the cursed ones are more fun to share.


oh thats cool! I don't have the stuff for a youtube channel lmao

oh thank you! my little sister made me one, and I think bec's going to make one, so I think I'm good for now!

@Space group

You can see the skin on the thumbnail of my youtube vids if you click the link, but its be easier if I could send a direct pic