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I cannot be the only one here excited for this game. Like I played the first and really enjoyed it, loved Frozen Wilds and now a new one is coming out (which means maybe they’ll answer some questions left unanswered by the first game..and it also means a new world to explore!)

Also here’s a cool banner;


Yes yes YES!! I'm so pumped for this! I couldn't believe it when they hinted at the existence of the Forbidden West and the existence of other tribes living beyond the explorable area (the Tenakth and the Utaru), and then never expanded upon those people. I'm so H Y P E D!!

@Mojack group

Yes!! I’m really looking forwards to them expanding on those people in Forbidden West. I really like all the different tribes in the original game, and I like how we got to see more of the Banuk in The Frozen Wilds, so I’m assuming we’ll be able to see some of the Utaru and Tenakth in Forbidden West (I believe we already see some of the Utaru farmers in the trailer, so that definitely supports us seeing them in the game!)

The screenshots from the trailer look absolutely gorgeous, one of the main things that brought me to HZD in the first place were the screenshots so seeing these

Made me go “Woah” right away. I’m interested to see how big the map will be for this game as well.

Pretty interested in the underwater parts as well;

It already looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get more details on this already. An account on tumblr that I follow posted a pretty interesting analysis on the trailer as well;