forum Has anyone ever played... minecraft story mode?
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So i was just chilling watching technoblade when i came across minecraft story mode, fast foreward a couple months, im in love with lukas, and all i can draw is jesse and aiden. uh- anyone else here like story mode?


I LOVE Minecraft Story Mode! I played it once, but was only able to play the first episode. I also played it on Netflix, and it was honestly not quite as satisfying. They didn't give us all the choices! Also, yes Lukas is amazing.

@FuzzySocksElias group

if you wanna watch the full thing, (since the netflix one isnt that and i dont think you can get the actual thing anymore) then i recomend technoblade's playthough or stampy's playthroguh! technoblade's was easier for me to watch since its in few, really long, videos and stamp has lots of 20 min videos, but stampy takes the game seriously, but techoblade also has a great sense of humor haha

i dont think you have to play it to actually get the story, i think you just need to watch one or two playthroughs, because technoblade absolutly hated lukas but he became my favorite character anyway

@FuzzySocksElias group

i only watched a playthough cuz technoblade had one, then I was like "oh hey lukas is cool" and now I draw fanart for the game lol I don't know if the game is good or not but oh my I love drawing the characters and making up headcanons for them lol

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I played the netflix one, it was pretty fun :D I forgot his name since its been a while but I like the blonde haired kid, Lucas i think?


I think Minecraft Story Mode is a fun twist on the traditional Minecraft gameplay. It's cool to see how they've crafted a story within the Minecraft universe. It's definitely a unique experience compared to the regular game.
By the way, if you're into adding even more to your Minecraft experience, you should check out mods! They can add a whole new dimension to the game. I love experimenting with different mods, and I recently found this site called ModBay that has a bunch of cool mods to try: