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Hey! Big Final Fantasy fan here, have played IV, V, VI, IX, XIII, began XIII-2 but haven't finished yet, XV, Tactics and Tactics Advance.
So why I made this thread: there were only VII threads and I have never played VII. Please try to keep as spoiler-free as possible. I'm in the middle of IX and XV and near the beginning of Tactics.
So just talk about Final Fantasy–everything from favourite bosses/battles, characters, and jobs to music. Hope you have fun! :)

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XII was my favorite because I actually like the gameplay and then ensemble approach. Gamers at the time were all, "This story can't decide who the main character is—" Neither can A Song of Ice and Fire, shaddup! (Salty tears of protectiveness.)

But IX was the first one I played and that music is my childhood.

I actually wasn't fond of when it got too cyberpunk in aesthetic—even when IX went from medieval sword and sorcery to space travel or interdimensional travel.

VIII had better graphics in terms of the characters having more realistic proportions, but I just didn't like the futuristic aesthetic at the time that I was playing it…and I think the same preference of mine goes for VII, even though (I'm guessing! I'm not some video game historian, I only played the occasional one as a hobby, if it's all only Harajuku fashion or something then I'll droop in shame that I did not know that) that became so phenomenally popular that that seems to be a genre standard even today—like there's an aesthetic name for it, or there should be, and the first thing people think of when they hear the name of that aesthetic should be FFVII.


IX was beautiful, but I feel the final boss came out of nowhere. Also, Steiner got the best ending out of everyone.

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IX IS beautiful, but I haven't finished yet…from what I've heard of the final boss, it does come out of nowhere. I believe that is what TV Tropes calls a "Giant Space Flea from Nowhere", though I'm not 100% sure on that.