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Long story short I'm attempting to make a game and am at the stage where I'm starting to design the bosses. What are your favorite bosses and boss battles from any game? What are your least favorite or the ones you find most annoying?


Favorite boss fight has to be versus the Masked Lumen in Bayonetta 2! Cool music with crazy shit happening in the background while fighting someone with a similar moveset. It's fast, spectacular, and puts your skills to the test every time you fight him.

Least favorite boss fights have to be either the Gypceros or the Khezu from the Monster Hunter series. They're both slippery bastards that never want to hold still without inflicting some status ailment on you before beating the shit out of your sorry ass and running away again. Hate them so much, but the Gypceros had a great poison weapon in 4 Ultimate!