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Technically…my brother has the game…I just play it anyways lol. Yeah it's one of my favorite games. Although Twilight Princess is tied with BOTW


I've played a little bit of spirit tracks, a little bit of the original LOZ, a little bit of A Link to the Past, and I've beaten both Ocarina of Time, and BotW.

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I'm throw some knowledge at y'all about the game that you may or may not know.

So, y'all know the guardians and their ability to just straight up crush Link under them? Well if you look at their design and you flip their central body over, you'll find that their base design is directly following a really old style of Japanese pottery.

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And not only that, but their design is based off old old old pottery. That means that not only is the pottery getting back at him, it's the elders coming to avenge their younger brethren.