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Ya'll, I can't find anyone else in reality besides my sister and partially my dad who also adore the Legend of Zelda series. I'm obviously not the only one. Right? Also, quick question, if you had a Tri Force shard, which would it be? I think I would be power, it's not evil, Ganon/Ganondorf just happens to be! #DinForTheWin. . . IDK, I'm weird.

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I am also a nerd, and am not ashamed to admit that. I'm also over my head in the lore of it, I make theories for fun. As for which shard I would have… I don't know. To my sisters I would have the triforce of power, just cause I'm the toughest mentally and physically. To my close friends I would have the triforce of courage cause I will and have stood up to people that could literally kill me just to defend my friends. To any of my acquaintances at school I would have the triforce of wisdom, people come to me for advice almost daily, cause they think I give good advice, and because I study a situation closely before making a decision. So really which shard I would have depends on who's with me.

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I have grown up watching the cartoon series and played almost all the games I could, I Love the 2D one, Twilight Princess on the Wii and Breath of the Wild on the switch., Links awakening, and another one my grandma bought.


Dude I love LOZ. And if I had a triforce piece, I think I'd probably have Nayru's 'cause I've been cursed with constantly overthinking things, but in a way it's super helpful sometimes. And my mom is constantly telling me I give her little "pieces of wisdom" 'cause we're super close and talk about a bunch of our issues.

If I got to choose, though, I'd go Farore 'cause god knows I need some courage in my life. I'm too scared of disappointing people to do what needs to be done most of the time lmao.