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No, but I want to play it. I've played the original version on the cube. Anyone else played that version?

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i would sell my soul to satan to have a switch and play new horizons then again i'd sell my soul to satan for a tortilla chip but whatever

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Oof… You sure it's only at night?
Also are the big money making beetles, (Golden Stag, Goliath Beetle, ect.) for New Leaf still existant in New Horizons? and are they still as valuable?

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Yeah, it should only be at night. After 6 pm, I believe.
And yes, but I’m not in that season, but the values so far seem about the same.

Those beetles don't usually have a season…. at least they don't in New Leaf… I usually just make trips to the island after fiddling with the time and spend an hour or two filling my box with them then I sell them at Re-tail.


I was able to offload about 60 stacks of stonks for around 560 bells per unit yesterday. I understand the memes now.

Anyone doing cute things with shrubs for Nature Day? I missed out on buying them.


I accidentally joined the slave trade oop
Sold Marina to someone for NMTs
I found Lolly though
And Marshal
And Whitney, Judy, Wolfgang, Kid Cat, and more
I got Lobo from my brother :)