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Because there's more than one other person on here who actually watches One Piece now, I made a chat!

It's probably mostly gonna be me rambling, but if y'all want me to shut up, just lemme know

(because even pirates must have rules)

  • V*nsmoke must be censored when referring to Sanji
  • Speaking of which, Sanji is not to be referred to as a V*nsmoke
  • More rules to be added later

Anyway, I'm simping hard for Robin right now

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

And her mask!!! Is so cool!!!
I'd die for her
She's so pretty
And tol girlfriends can pick you up and rest their chin on your head and be the big spoon so I'm happy with this!!

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

I'd die for Law at any given moment
Also, do you have any OTPs?
Mine are ZoSan, LawLu and Nami/Vivi
BartoCav, Frobin, Cora-san/Bell-mère, and Shanks/Mihawk are right below those three, though

@furetakunai ac_unit

Personally, I only have one, which would be ZoSan.

1) These two are absolutely iconic on their own
2) They're even more iconic together, duh
3) their healthy rivalry is -chef's kiss-
4) bro they just flat out make me cackle I don't know what I'd do without those two
5) the fact that, though they really don't admit it, they care deeply about each other is too sweet. Those dynamics always kill me lmaoo
6) and all the nicknames too. Can't forget about those
bro, just looking at this image of them brings a smile to my face

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

1) Absolutely
2) Absolutely, Zoro felt complete after Sanji joined, imo
3) Facts, and was that a pun
4) Honestly same, I'd protect both of them with my life
5) Y e s, and there's no other way to explain what happened in the end of Thriller Bark
6) The nicknames are the best part, the lil marimo and the love cook
Honestly this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of these two
One Piece / Ho Yay - TV Tropes

also NaLu is a sin and and a crime to the entire fandom

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Istg I've simped for almost every princess in the entire series
Excluding Shirahoshi and Mansherry
But freaking Hancock
And Vivi
Rebecca and Viola
Hell, even Reiju

Update: I've categorized them into 2 groups:
Princesses who are of appropriate hugging size
Princesses who are much too big or much to small to hug

@furetakunai ac_unit

AYO, one of my classmates came on camera with a hat made of plastic straws on and an eye-patch. My teacher asked why he was dressed like that and he calmly replied "I'm a Straw Hat Pirate."

I'm weAK. Sadly he was asked to remove it, but it was still comical while it lasted. Best One Piece cosplay. 10/10

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

I'm gonna liveblog my reactions to the latest episode here
Half of it is probably gonna be me simping for Kiku-chan

Also Kid and Killer are both baby and nobody can change my mind about that