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I'm hyperfixating on moral orel.

haha, it's insane how it's come back, i remember liking it from when no one remembered it, i like that it's finally getting the attention it deserves

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I am painting this here cus I need to get it off my clipboard but I want to save it.

Moral orel is/was a show on Adult swim in the early 2000s. It followed Orel puppington as he explored his town and lessons from church. Every episode starts with a semon and the orel misinterpret it and causes chos. At the end of the episode orels dad, Clay puppington, gives orel a beating with his belt, his own twisted interpretation, and then his pants fall down. This is just rinse and repeat for the whole 1st season. Season 2 starts to devop the town of Moralton, Statesoda and its residents. For a seemingly church centered town there is a lot of sin. We see ssx shops and other unholy things all around town. At the end of season 2 there is a 2 parter, Nature. The executives of adult swim wanted the show to be darker, so Dino, the creator, and the rest of the crew made it darker. In nature, Clay goes on a hunting trip with Orel. Clay is an alcoholic so he gets SUPER FUCKING DRUNK and ends up shooting someone's hunting dog. We see orel and Clay eating said hunting dog and talking. Orel says he wants to shoot soemthing and Clay gets super excited. Orel says that he dosent feel safe with Clay rn(like he should) Clay launches into his famous nature rant and then shoots orel in the leg and passes out drunk. A bear then shows up and orel shoots it. After hours and hours and hours Clay wakes up and is so proud of orel for shooting yhe bear. But then orel says that Clay shot it. Season 3 is so dark it got the show canceled. WOTCH WAS STUPID BECAUSE THEY ASKED FOR THE SHOW TO BE DARKER. The two most noticeable episodes are "alone" and "raped" one of them was aired. Alone is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season. It shows Nurse Bendy(or nurse blinkless), Ms. Sculptum, and Ms. Censordoll. All 3 ladies have some sort of sexual trauma. We first visit Bendy in her apartment in the building. Her room looks like a little girls room with bright colors and stuffed animals. It is apparent that she regresses when she starts talking. She finds two stuffed bears, "Sonny" and "hubby". One her fake son the other her fake husband. Once she changes into soemthing more "adulty" she goes to eat. Before eating she says a prayer. This really shows her sexual trauma. From a young age Bendy has been sexualy assaulted and raped. First by her father then by other men in the town. (She actually has a son named Joe!!) We move on to Ms sculptum. She was raped and preformed an at home abortion. When we get to her house we see her flickering on and off her lights and locking and unlocking her door. She has obsessive compulsive tendencies. We hear a radio sermon from reverend putty talk about abortion. Then a emergency announcement comes on. The rapist killed himself in his prison cell after 2 months of incarnation. But she wanted it? It's seen that the rapist looks just like her grandpa so the theory is that her grandpa raped her when she was little and she wanted to relive it. Weird but trauma does that. She ahem gets offahem on the thought of her rape. Then we see censordoll. She is on the phone with an illegal egg dealer. This time she wants fertilized eggs. The man gags and says that heel do it only if he can look around her pussy. It's revealed that censordoll was sterilized by her mother when she was born and hate it. She wants to have eggs. After a monologs about her plan to take over moralton we go back to Bendy. She is cleaning up after dinner and gets mustard on the floor. When she goes to clean it up she bumps into the chair that "Hubby" was sitting on and causes him to fall onto her in a suggestive manner. She freaks the fuck out and then gets milk spilled on her(it's ment to look like other substances obvs). She has a fucking mental breakdown.