forum I'm Watching The Legend of Zelda Cartoon So You Don't Have To
Started by @Cloudy_is_trying_her_best

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So yeah. If you know me, you probably know that I'm absolutely obsessed with LoZ. If you don't know me, well, now you know that! And the Zelda cartoon is… well, it could definitely be better. But because I love to torture myself, apparently, I'll be watching it!

I've seen a few episodes before, but I never finished it and forgot where I was at. Also, I'm watching it online because I don't own it and don't have money.

There'll be a "Well excuuuse me, Princess" counter just because I want to see how many times it's said. The intro will only be counted once.

Let's get into it! :D


Also how tf does he think that an amateure magician contest is gonna get him access to the Triforce???

At least I got this screenshot from it lmao get in losers we're gonna go fuck with some kid's card trick