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I've never heard of those unfortunately but

The worst cartoon I ever watched during my childhood days was this super weird cartoon named Scruff about a weird looking dog and it just
oh dear Lord
I wish I could purge it from my memory
It's super low-budget
I don't think it was originally made in English


I kinda remember word girl. I mostly remember watching Kim Possible, Ben 10, Emperor's New School, Totally Spies and a couple other shows but these were my main ones.

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I remember….more of Martha Speaks than I'd like to, it was my favorite show growing up (second maybe to Arthur)
Also I saw a Martha Speaks musical live as a kid, as well as a VeggieTales concert/musical

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im from aus, so i would probably have different shows than most of you :)
my favourite (and least fav) was jibber jabber
just search it up its terrifyinh

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I'm Brazilian and an old fart. So my childhood favorite show is Saint Seiya.

Every kid, boys and girls alike, loved Saint Seiya during its 1996 run in tv.
They ran it without any cut or change to the plot. Ahh, the 90s… great times when we got animes direct from Japan instead of the edited US versions.

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America fucked it up for everybody

When I read the edts they did to Digimon Adventure 1… Dude, no wonder DA was so much more sucessful here than in the United States. We got the uncensored Japanese version, it is GREAT

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My grandparents still have a few VeggieTales movies on VHS and I kinda wanna watch them again lol

Lord of the Beans is my favorite

My favorite is An Easter Carol

My church showed us An Easter Carol once when I was six and I was so scared of the ghosts that I had to be taken out of the room & never watched VeggieTales again
Looking back, the show is actually really funny and if I hadn't sold all my DVDS, I'd kind of like to watch them again

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Also, does anyone remember Max & Ruby? That show was my life for a while. When I was three, I legitimately thought I was Ruby. Yes, I really and truly thought I was an anthropomorphic rabbit. There were days when I would only respond to Ruby, which is nowhere near my real name.