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I wanted to share some things that might be useful


ilys is a website that will only let you see the word you're writing. It doesn't let you backspace or see what you've written. It can be annoying at first but it helps you get what's in your head down. There's also the option to save and then edit once your session is done. You can also select a word goal.

Filter words

This page just lists some filter words to avoid. I go through during editing and change these words when I can and I think it really helps.

Realistic injuries

A page about writing injuries for all of those violent writers out there.

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Here's my contribution as well:

Resources - Another writing resource on this website, contains how to write an archive and resources for naming your characters. - Full list of physical and mental conditions, and descriptions and treatments, from the UK NHS (National Health Service) - Full list of medicines, and what they do, from the NHS

Writing and publishing - How to not have stunted dialogue - Creative Writing Prompts, updated regularly - How to avoid writing contest and magazine scams (V. important if you want to publish your work!)