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daelstrom Premium Supporter

This may be obvious but I cannot find if this is a feature, but i'd like to rearrange the order of categories so I can put the most relevant to the top.
I've found the main page where the order is the same as in the sidebar but i've found no way to edit it (tried drag & drop)
Does anyone have an idea?

@Eldest-God-andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

Hey, do you mean rearranging the categories on a particular page (for example, General, Nature, Family, etc on a Character page), or rearranging the pages themselves in the sidebar/dashboard? You can do the former by dragging categories/fields around on the template editor page for that page type (click "Configure character fields" when editing any character, or any other page type). The latter isn't possible yet, but is something that shouldn't be too hard to get into an update sometime soon. :)

daelstrom Premium Supporter

Thanks @andrew its the latter, so I hope it becomes relevant to others to allow its implementation - Focus is also achieved by prioritising!