forum Folder mgmt (edit or delete folders)
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In the writing section you can create folders. Once created you cannot edit or delete them. Which makes the use of folders impossible to use. I already have a folder that I need to delete because I mispelled the folder heading. Please give us functionality to edit/delete folders in the Writing section.

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Hey there! Thanks for the feedback. This is my mistake for not making the functionality more obvious, but you can edit/delete folders currently by clicking the big folder icon next to its name, when viewing any folder. It looks like this:

That will open a modal that lets you edit the folder's name, change its parent folder, and/or delete it.

Sorry about the confusion here! I'm working on a site redesign that should make this a lot clearer in the future, and also a lot less clunky to use (right now you need to click on a folder first to be able to edit or delete it). There's lots of improvements to be made, but I hope this helps in the meantime!