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So, for context, my friend and I are working on a graphic novel for the first time (I write, she draws).

If anyone has ever written/drawn or even published a graphic novel and/or comic, and is willing to share any tips, knowledge, and probably answer any questions, we would appreciate it SO much! 🥰


I love writing comics! I've never published any, but I hope to. Sometimes I write the words, sometimes I draw (but I mostly do the writing)

The best thing to do is to plan everything out beforehand, like the dialogue and the setting, and basically storyboard everything. After that I like to set it to the side and work on character development/appearance. What cloting style do they have? What are their genetics like? Likes/dislikes? Stuff like that.

I'm not great at planning things out and stuff, so after that point I just wing it

I hope this helps! :)

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Alright, thanks! Tbh, that's how I found because i needed something to plan my characters on.

Also, what is "storyboard?" Just wondering.😅


It's sort of like a rough draft, but visually

If that makes any sense

What I do is just draw all of the panels and stuff, but with just vague shapes for the background, stick people for the characters, and empty speech bubbles/text boxes. Then I can sort of see what works, and what doesn't.

Here are some examples, these ones are technically for animation and they're much more detailed than I do for storyboards, but it's the basic idea.