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I'm certain you know what a country is, but there are also several locations within and outside of that said country. Like London is a city, or rather a location, inside of England. Locations don't necessarily need to be cities, either. Like Time Square in New York City or even a restaurant or shop. I guess technically states and provinces and things like that could be considered locations, too. On a larger extent islands and continents could be considered locations if not anything else. I hope that helps.


A little, my biggest point of confusion is that you can make a capitol, and notable cities but not when you make a country. This came up when I was making a country like Australia. So would I make the country like so: country = Australia, the state of New South Wales = location, Sydney = a town?

Sorry if this is weirdly worded like I said, I got confused. Also sorry if there is horrible typos I'm on a phone typing this.


Yeah I guess. I'm pretty sure the locations are just supposed to be anything that isn't a town or country. I think the notable cities and stuff are there if you are referring to a state or a larger location that isn't necessarily a country. If you were making a smaller location you probably just wouldn't use that part.


Yeah, I'm using the Landmarks for the smaller location. Seeing as I'm using this for DnD, its to help me organize local dungeons and such.

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One minor clarification: Locations were one of the first 3 page types here, and were mostly used for "any kind of location" (including cities, countries, landmarks, caves, moons, etc). Eventually, we got more specific page types for cities, countries, and landmarks, but the original Location page is still around for two reasons:

  1. It's a generic "location" page for people on the starter/free plan to make sure they can build out a geographic world for their universe
  2. It's an extra "whatever kind of location you want" page for premium users. For example, if you had a ton of caves in your story, you could use the Location page for them all while also still using Towns, Countries, etc for the rest of your world. Just a nicer way to keep everything a little more separate when you'd like to. :)