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Sophie Herbert

Does anyone have any ideas for courting traditions? Specifically with royals and upper class. How they choose the right princess for a prince?

@Yamatsu Earthbender

I mean, standard dances and sweet-talk usually work if you're looking for love, but most people marry based on status. Big houses, lots of money, most people are looking to retire comfortably and sit around eating bonbons. That's the dream, at least, but lots of parties would have a dance schedule. You'd have to research it, but most parties would have one or two waltzes, a Grand March, a Quadrille, Reels, etc. until they all got drunk and went home.

Sophie Herbert

@Yamatsu oooh thank you this helps! I'm trying to think of specific qualifications that will make one princess seem like the best fit for the marriage to the prince and how I can flesh it out into a ceremony form. I will definitely research specific dances.

@Yamatsu Earthbender

Most prince/princess marriages are done for political means, usually making two kingdoms allies through thick and thin. As for what kingdom they would rule, I'm not sure. Either the prince becomes king of his home, the princess becomes queen of her home, or there's a bunch of political whatever that could even merge the kingdoms into one. I dunno.

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So my story is set in a weird diarchy (two kings) and a court made up of ten noble houses. Each house has a color/gem associated with it and each house has field that it is in charge of. The people who work in those fields wear the colors or arm bands with the colors of 'their' house.

If a noble boy is dating a girl, he will get her a thin gold bracelet with a tiny gem from their house. So for instance the War house is Sapphires, so he would get her a gold bracelet with a tiny sapphire. The lower class (that obviously can't afford gems) will tie a colored (still associated w/ house) ribbon around the woman's wrist.

For engagements, noblemen will present the woman with a ring with the house gem (noble), lower class-men will carve or have a blacksmith form a ring for them.

In the wedding itself, a noble woman will be given a dagger encrusted their maiden house gem, or if they are from a neighboring kingdom, a dagger bearing the colors/crest of their home. The bride will wear a base white dress with embroidery of their maiden and new house colors and gems. The bride wears a veil up to the front of the temple and then takes the dagger and cuts the veil down the middle and the groom lifts it away - symbolizing that the woman is willingly cutting barrier between the two of them and from then on, they move through life together. In two king houses, the new queens take on the new colors and leave their family colors behind because they cannot show preferential treatment.

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Both the bride and groom wear gold, and are not allowed to touch each other at all during the ceremony until the priest puts cloth over their hands, while the cloth is covering them they hold each others hands and once the priest removes it they are married.