forum Need help with anatomy of the ear and how it affects balance
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So I have a character who is basically, part spider. no she's not as terrifying as you think. one of the effects of this is that she's unable to get dizzy. (spiders are unable to get dizzy whatsoever)

the thing is, is that I want to know how I could modify the human ear to make it so that we could spin as much as we want and never get dizzy. Ive looked everywhere and struggled to find a way to make it work.

Any help would be great, Im kinda grasping at straws right now.

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I haven't really thought about that before, it sounds cool! From my limited anatomy knowledge, it's the fluid inside the ear that affects your sense of balance. The tiny hairs and fluid work together to determine the angle/direction you are facing. Besides being dizzy, it also would affect vertigo and motion sickness (thanks, bad ear genetics). I don't think the fluid has to do with hearing, so maybe look into that and see if getting rid of it is an option? I imagine there would be side effects, like not having a sense of up/down or directions besides gravity (for example waking up and not being aware of laying down versus standing besides surroundings/gravity).
You can always just say my favorite phrase, "Screw it, it's magic." or make up some jargon to explain it. Regardless, this is a very interesting idea, good luck!

@Potato_the_cat group

so I looked into it, and apparently getting rid of it makes you basically unable to do most basic human tasks, like walking, holding your head up straight, knowing where your limbs are without looking at them, and being able to tell if your moving or not without visual aids. its called the Vestibular system, which is neat.

if nothing else I want them to be able to see and move around without wanting to puke after doing some spins, maybe by making it so that their eyes don't do that weird jitter thing? Like, make it so that it becomes like being carsick (without vomiting ofc) instead of being unable to walk without falling over and stumbling.