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My name is MelouSiba - you can call me Siba for short. I am probably classified as an amputee, I have no right hand. I’d think of a cool story about how I lost it but the reality is a bit more simple, I was in fact born without it! Meaning that I have experienced all 20 years of my life without my right hand ^-^ For your information, I do have a left hand, and all is fine and dandy with it!

I have used prosthetics for a while, though I have upgraded my prosthetics (That’s the best way I can word it…kind of sounds like I’m talking in some sci-fi story or something haha) when needed. The current type of prosthetic I use is a myoelectric prosthetic. They can cost up to $20,000-$100,000 USD, which is very expensive!

So, if you have any questions regarding this sort of topic, I will do my best to answer it! Keep in mind my experiences are never universal, I am not a complete expert on things. English is not my first language, so apologies for weird wording or grammar!