forum I'm a female with Inattentive ADHD who studies abnormal psych.
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I have ADHD and Autism, and I am dealing with my first relationship. Any advice? (I have been in it for 4 months but I haven't done anything even as little as holding his hand lol) any advice on how to approach him about it?

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hmmm… Although this applies to any relationship, Communication is KEY! Talking about things feels kinda awkward, but neither of you are psychic, (probably) you can't read each others minds.

Another thing is to ask if they are comfortable with something before you do it. Ask if they like PDA before your in public, ask if they're ok with kisses before you get into a situation where you might do so. The best time to do this is in a situation where both of you are comfortable and alone.

I wish you a lot of luck in your relationship! And don't feel bad about taking things slow, dating isn't a race. :)

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bumping this back up, but heres some of the main things I study!

+different kinds of memory and how poor memory affects people
+how ADHD effects females differently then males
+how disorders affect individuals in different ways