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@KHS-SunGod Survivors guilt can be really difficult when inflicting it upon a character. If you’re trying to figure out a way to write it, flashbacks are a wonderful way to do so. Have repeating words from a lost comrade or have extreme details always played back in the character’s mind. Survivor’s guild is extremely hindering for people, so if that character was to get inside their own head, they would possibly feel they should have been the ones to pass. Especially if they lost someone they cared about.
As for anomic aphasia, I know it greatly hinders language and the annunciation of mainly verbs and nouns. It’s slightly more complex than a stutter, because it either involves incomplete development of the brain or deterioration of cells within the language controlling parts (ie. the Broca area— the part of the brain that produces speech). Hope this could help! If you need anything else, ask ahead.

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Hello! I would like to know which supernatural monsters you are bored of seeing, and if you have any you want to see more of!

As a complete nerdy fan of fantasy and the supernatural, I’m not very sick of any creature if the role is executed in a reasonable manner.
I really like creatures that don’t talk, unlike ancient dragons or telepathic creatures. Having the author indicate the personality of a creature that doesn’t have the ability to verbally communicate is impressing to me.
If you’re talking more supernatural creatures, I’d refrain from using vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. I feel like those are generally overdone.
Though, it all loops back to the way you write it. If any creature has good execution, I enjoy it :)


Ah, thank-you so much! This confirms my research, good to hear a second opinion to know I'm on the right track! :D