forum I box (the sport and like, UPs wise)!
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If you’re curious if the evil tape guns are as horrible as they sound, or if boxing really is bad for your wrists, both of those questions can be answered from first-hand experience!! They’re both YES!!

Throw your questions at me.

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Well I’m glad you asked.

I’m a boxer without partners to train with. I train with boxing equipment, with a big heavy bag and a smaller training bag. This style of the Sweet Science is quite literally called “Non-Contact Boxing”. You don’t need anyone to practice with unless you’re super into the sport or do it professionally. Boxing is usually done for mental relief or self-defense (speaking from experience), but is unfortunately more expensive than the average sport if you’re doing it alone. Most gyms in big cities have boxing equipments (or there’s gyms specifically for boxers, it’s pretty cool), but a lot of smaller, more countryside gyms will have very few pieces of equipment to use. So for a boxer in the country, this might be extremely hard, especially considering how expensive some of the equipment can be.

It can just be written off as a hobby or maybe used as a cool self-defense mechanism, but you MUST make sure that the mechanism they use are boxing methods.

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Alright. It's for Octavia. She does it nowadays for stress release (bc people make her stressed) but occasionally in combat.
What would you say people do wrong writing it/stuff you want to see?

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They usually write the wrong type of stance for boxing which is like, super annoying.

(also if Octavia is right handed, her left hand will be forward and her right hand will be used for swinging strikes (cross-strike, and roundhouses) while her left is for faster ones (like jabs or uppercuts). If you don’t understand any of those terms, I implore you to research.

I’d just do a bit of research on the sport. If you understand boxing lingo like up there^ then you’ll be more than ok