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i'm writing a story about a girl in high school, but i'm welsh so idk what it's like. what are the schedules like? classrooms, subjects, that sort of thing

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So we usually have four core subjects, math, english, science, and history. Everything is just electives, but you need to take some different classes to graduate. At my school we have seven class periods with lunch in between 4th and 5th period. The passing periods are usually around 4 minutes. There are 4 classes, Freshmen (age 14-15), Sophomore (15-16), Junior (16-17), and Senior (17-18).

My school starts at 630 and goes until 4, but that's probably just my school. Classes usually have 20-30 kids with one teacher. If you have any other questions please ask

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To graduate, you need certain credits like 2 credits in a foreign language not including English or computer science, one fine arts credit, one speech credit (think public speaking or debate), and one physical education credit. There might be more?
There are also AP courses (I think this is only America and Canada, though I'm not very sure). They're essentially college level courses that you can take in high school that will give you college credits that are accepted by colleges.
Classes generally last about 1 hour, and lunch usually lasts about half an hour. There are 7 minute breaks in between, giving you time to go to your next class or just go to the restroom. My school lasted from 7:15 to 2:35 though it's probably different from other places.

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I'm just gonna make a bullet list of just high school stuff:

  • There's lockers but nobody ever uses them. We just take backpacks everywhere
  • Pretty chill, not nearly as much drama as the media makes it sound like
  • Honors classes that are harder than the regular ones
  • Lots of clubs. At my school we have drama club, art club, marching band, tabletop club, GSA, lacrosse, rugby, book club, spanish club, leadership, yearbook, and a couple others.
  • Sports! In the fall we have girls and boys soccer, football, volleyball, swim team, and cross country. In the winter we have girls and boys basketball and wrestling. In the spring we have track and field, boys and girls lacrosse, rugby, softball, baseball, and tennis.
  • Also in most sports (football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, cross country, track and field, tennis, soccer, wrestling and softball.) we have Varsity, which are the best of the best in that sport and are mostly made up of Juniors and Seniors. There's JV (junior varsity) which are the second best, mostly made up of Juniors and Sophomores. At my school we also have a Frosh team (Freshman team) made of Freshmen and Sophomores.
  • Most high schools have second languages like Spanish, French, and ASL (American Sign Language). We only have Spanish and ASL at mine.
  • Football games are huge deals for us in the fall. Like HUUUUGE. They're so much fun to go to.
  • There is the Popular Group but the girls in it are usually pretty nice and the guys are chill. It's not like a Mean Girls thing.
  • Student Council. We have an ASB (all student body) President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Pep Reps, and Photographer. And then each grade has their own President, VP, Girls Rep, and Boys Rep.


Don't know if this has been said but the classes are also subjected as blocks like A block B black C block etc for however many classes you have.