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“It started with a whisper and that was when I kissed her!” We half scream half sing. It's late at night, 10:32 PM to be exact, and we’re having an impromptu karaoke party. We, being me and Onix, dance around while singing. Bare feet become caked in the dirt as we jump in the clearing. A small fire pit in the middle, camper parked by the exit/entrance. 
The song is accompanied by a fire merrily crackling, bugs chirping, and leaves rattling. I can’t imagine how strange this must look to an outsider. Two 16-year-olds, alone, dancing barefoot in a clearing. One wearing the longest white peasant-style dress ever and the other in brown overall shorts, high grey and brown argyle socks (that really looks more like sideways plaid but who am I to say), and all the big-shiny-yet-dull jewelry you can imagine.  But, it is always quite a show when Onix and I get together. Their fashion always clashed with mine. 
The song came to an end with its usual ooh which sounds more like an ugh. We collapse into the dirt covered blanket that we laid out earlier. It takes a while for our breaths to catch up, almost two full minutes of huffing and puffing before Onix can get a word out.
“I’m tired,” They exhale. I nod. “Wanna turn in for the night? We have almost another week here.” It was our annual week in the woods, this year was two weeks because of sickness last year. 
“Yeah, I’ll take in the blanket and speaker. You go set up the beds.” I begin getting to my feet. They follow suit and head into the camper. I hum gently as I shake out the blanket before folding it up into a neat square. 
“Lea,” I hear being whispered to me.
“Yeah?” I turn around. My eyes glaze over the entire clearing in one glance. 
“Lea,” It calls out again.  “Lea,” Again “Lea” Again, eveytime sounding more and more like Onix.  “Oh, my god. We were 12, I am not going into the woods with you. I am not repeating that this year, get back in the camper stupid.” I call back, trying to find out where they are. I know how this goes. Every year they take me into the woods and kiss me silly. It's a dumb tribute to when we were 12 and thought that that was so grown up and cool.  “Lea,” Again “Onix, I swear if this is just a plot to get me to kiss you I swear I will knock out a tooth” I moan walking into the woods after putting on my crocks. “Lea,” Again, more desperate this time. I walk deeper into the dark woods, following the noise. The woods seem off tonight, they seem hostile now, like an old friend who you deserted for their enemy.  “I’m coming god,” I huff
“LEA!” It screams. I run towards it “ONIX!” I scream back, desperation in my voice.  I turn a corner in the thick trees. I freeze. Some thing calls out to me.  “Lea,” The word falls from its twisted mouth and it lunges to me. I’m screaming as loud as I can. I can feel it pulling me apart limb from limb. It pulls every arm and leg apart at the joint like its trying to make me into the smallest pieces ever. I can feel the red-hot blood drip from my wounds. The pain is more than I can bear. I’m screaming as loud as I can. The creature whispers “Lea,” everytime they rip another thing off of what's left of my body.  Now I lay here, I can feel the blood leaving my joints. My eyes are foggy. The last thing I see is the creature devouring one of my thighs. Then, I take my last breath. Good bye Onix, good bye woods, goodbye to everyone who ever loved me. I’ll see you again, very soon.