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Anything goes; from mechas to service robots, from something far in the future to a robot that we might be more familiar with. You can focus on a specific character that might be a robot or maybe just a whole model of robots. Anything works!

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The MAP, or Mechanized Artillery Platform (Because I can't think of a better name, I've been working on these for months and this is the best thing I could come up with. Please give me ideas), is an important asset of the Tados forces. With the ability to take more hits and carry far more weapons than a singular soldier, and able to carry heavy shielding and provide cover for infantry. They are an irreplaceable part of the Tados ground forces.


The Crew of an M.A.P. consists of one pilot and one hosting AI, the pilot takes the job of mechanic, pilot, and gunner while the AI runs background tasks such as fixing piloting errors, keeping the system cool, warning the pilot of incoming weaponry, and taking over when something needs to be addressed by the pilot. Pilots train for five years to be able to operate an M.A.P. and as is such are some of the most potent fighters out there.


The M.A.P. comes in three standard types, these types are not concrete as many pilots will customize their M.A.P. as they see fit.

Type one: Sentinel class. Large, And heavily sheilded, the Sentinel class is a hit taker. Equipped with heavy duty Plasma Uranium energy shields and Mark VIII RHINO armor, the Sentinel can take the full brunt of a 50 gigawatt Rail Cannon and remain standing.

Sentinel stock armaments: The Sentinel comes equipped with one Superheavy 10 gigawatt rail cannon, as well as two Thermite missile launchers that hold a total of eight missals. In addition to this the Sentinel has two 50 caliber machine guns in case of emergency.

Type two: Ghost class. Small, fast, and deadly. The Ghost class is a master of infiltration and behind the lines warfare. Equipped with a Gekko stealth drive and a RAM 89200 nucleon engine, the Ghost is the single fastest thing on the battlefield.

Ghost stock armaments: The Ghost comes equipped with two heavy RATTLER striker cannons, as well as two XMi44 Gatling guns in case of emergency. As a special piece of weaponry the Ghost comes equipped with an EMP device that can neutralize several enemy targets at once.

Type three: Warmonger class. Hovering between the Ghost and Sentinel in size, but massive in firepower. The Warmonger is the battleship of the three, equipped with a OCTROM quick draw system and Plasma Uranium energy shields, the Warmonger can take a hit and come out with all guns blazing.

Warmonger stock armaments: The warmonger comes equipped with several weapons, two in reserve in addition to the several it is using. The Warmonger comes equipped with two Hellraiser energy launchers as the reserve, and four CFAC automatic rail cannons. In addition to this is carries one XMi44 Gatling gun and three Sidewinder missile launchers in case of emergency.


So one of my MCs, Min (she/her), is an expert in robots and machines and likes to build them as a hobby

And after a mass super-empowering event (i.e. something big happens that causes lots of people to gain superpowers; one of these being Min's best friend, Alyx), she decides to gather Alyx and a couple other powereds to form a superhero team (not the first one tho; there's already another that's been around for about 5y now)

And Min builds a weaponized robot that she would operate remotely from HQ