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Anything goes! From microwaves, to mech suits, put facts about your technologies in your different worlds here!

I myself have a few sci-fi worlds and I like to share the details of it, and technology plays a big part in them as well. Feel free to share!

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Dominators (as in the suits) were designed to be agile, able to make quick and precise movements. They had one flaw (which is still needed, for the suit to operate ((at least in this version))) which is the suit needs to be connected to the mind of the pilot, typically a human. The pilots of the Dominators understood they did a very risky job, since in the event of extreme damage, or a mass shutdown, or some other order; the machine could easily kill the pilot within.

Otherwise, Dominators were fairly powerful suits, but they were never used on earth, due to the fact they never made it off the planet they were tested on. (With expectations made for alternate universes.)

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It is not uncommon for people in the Wastelands to get various body mods. These have various uses (for looks, for uses).

A notable user is Lord Firebird/Sota, who has orange-yellow eyes, opting for a more fearsome look.

Another user is Devil, who uses less for looks. His is stronger hearing, which comes in handy for the Wastelands.

However, you need to find a person with the resources and credibility to install such mods, which is very hard. Devil was able to do so himself, while it is unknown where Sota got his, but most likely someone in his faction.

If done wrong, they can permanently damage the body.


My world is comparatively low-tech, but the Hunters Guild actually has multiple encyclopedias on every weapon they produce, allowing weapon- and armorsmiths across the world to be able to reproduce their results. However, those smiths need to be registered and accredited with the Guild in order to obtain them, as they don't want powerful dragon and wyvern-killing weapons falling into the wrong hands. In fact, the only reason my main character was able to purchase any was that his mother used to be a huntress for the Guild. She needed to fake her identity due to the fact that she was unceremoniously kicked out, but no one is usually willing to argue with a 7'2" pillar of muscle disguised as a beautiful woman.

The weapons that are created (heavily based on/stolen from the Monster Hunter games) use wyvern and dragon parts to heavily increase its power or provide a special effect like poison or fire damage. You can technically create any weapon design from any material, but they may not always have the same effects, which is why the Guild provides blueprints so that everyone's equipment can be standardized.

Hunters can openly carry their weapons unless otherwise posted, and you'll know who's a hunter based on their weapon being seven sizes too big.

In terms of transportation, cars, boats, and airships exist, but the most modern ones you'll see look like Chevrolets from the '30s. Ships have been created and modified to traverse on either sand or water (rarely both), which is handy given that major ports of industry encircle a massive desert. Most of the ships are outfitted with anti-wyvern defenses (though "wyvern" is a catch-all term for anything that isn't a dragon, so "anti-leviathan defenses" would be more accurate). Ballistae, cannons, a gong in some circumstances, and the fearsome Dragonator line many ships. Others that are meant for cargo or leisure are usually surrounded by heavily-armed ships like those.

The gong is used against wyverns who are sensitive to sound, as it can cause them to flinch or even run away due to how loud they are. Dragonators are massive pneumatic spears as thick as oak trees meant for skewering any wyvern that comes too close, but they take around ten minutes to recharge. Hunters need to be sure to make every strike count, but the spears stick out far enough that they can be used as battering rams if need be.

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well well well. This looks rather fun.
The many factions of the MOZLOK one sector live in massive planetary bases known as 'bulwarks' (an original name I know, I couldn't think of anything else okay?) These massive are commonly powered by a nuclear fusion core and usually tower over three miles into the air, These Bulwarks defend themselves with a mixture of Railguns, LREP (Long Range Energy Projectile) cannons. and missile bays. In the event of an attack on a bulwark, they can actually lift themselves into the air to enable a better line of sight for the gunners and to prevent ground-based troops from entering into the bulwark. Bulwarks hold hangers for mechs, armouries, dormitories, laboratories, council rooms, and war rooms. Bulwarks function not only as bases of war but as homes for many people as well, Factions will defend their bulwarks to the bitter end. Because if a bulwark is taken, the faction is considered irrelevant to the war and also considered free pray. A faction without its bulwark is like a ant colony without a nest, extremely vulnerable to predators of all types.


For one of my universes I'm going to create, the technology will be very far advanced, to the point humanity has built massive rings around stars to harness their energy. Some factions have even built cages around blackholes that don't collapse, and they are able to study the blackhole up close, without fearing being sucked into the blackhole. One of the alien races has a moving starbase that will mine an entire planet in one strike to gather resources that instantly give them a small fortune each time.

In my other universe, it's a planet that is always at war in one way or another, and they've created massive war machines that strike fear into any aggressor. One of these creations is a massive wall on whells that is 500 miles long, with steel plating that makes it almost invincible. To top it off, it's lines with machine guns, and the wall is angles, which makes all oncoming bullets ricochet off. Another creation is called the moonwalker, which is a 70 story tall war mech that displays massive guns underneath it that fire straight down on opponents. Its entire bottom is made from a titanium alloy, making it a nightmare for anyone below.

In my third universe, there is an invention that rotates in such a way that it throw double-sided axes like a boomerang, and catches them, having up to 20 axes in the air at a times. At the same time as throwing axes, it is holding onto axes while rotating, giving is a good defense as well, and as soon as the conraption breaks, an air sensitive compound ignites and blows up anything within 20 ft of it.

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My place has these glasses! theyre basically a smartphone on glasses! there blink-click which basically tracks where you blink and in new models of the glasses it can distinguish a normal blink from a blinking to click but in the older versions you had to blink twice to click. you can blink three times (older models) or two times (newer models) to take a picture and you can get calls

there's also little speaker things like earbuds by the ear, they dont actually go in the ear they are just attatched to the glasses and so you can listen to music, watch videos, and call with the glasses and no one else can hear it!
in the newest model theyre trying out something where they dont play sound at all and use something that vibrates part of your ear to make it seem like your hearing but it's still a work in progress

you can also record what youre seeing through your glasses or take a video (newer models only)

no one else can see whats happening on your glasses except you!