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Started by Philip Fagbeyiro

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Philip Fagbeyiro

Is there any work of fiction that has explored a plausible system for sending information back in time. Digital information or any kind of information. Not physical like matter or humans. Could a quantum computer pull this off? By entangling particles not just across space, but across time?

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The only system I know of off hand is the hypothetical tachyonic antitelephone, which basically tries to send data/signals back in time by accelerating them faster than the speed of light. I don't know of any stories that implement or explore it though, but might be a good jumping off point if you're thinking of a world where superliminal technology is possible. Entanglement across time is also a super interesting idea!

Philip Fagbeyiro

thanks, reading up on tachyonic antitelephone. Neat idea, but I'm trying to use very grounded and plausible technology that doesn't seem cheap or overused. The telephones themselves aren't overused. But it appears the hypothetical particle itself has been. Maybe I'll just invent another particle with similar properties lol.