forum plz help with crazy advanced weapon/tool thing
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Ok, so like, i decided to create this machine that can do pretty much anything. It is controlled by a chip that is implanted into your brain. It was created by one of the protagonists, who is a literal genius (no exaggeration) and knows way too much for someone who has never been to school before. If you need a watch, its there. If you need a motorcycle or an op bow, it will shape itself. If the school load of homework lightens up, i will try to see if there is a scientific side, but for now, i don't know. I never took a robotics class. It can connect to cars and stuff to put it on autopilot, and can become a hidden mic or cameras the size of an ant but pulling itself apart into smaller pieces. Only two of these machines exist, and are in possession by both protagonists. I am starting a latin class this year, so i can to try to find an awesome name for them. Could y'all give some name ideas?

If y'all could ask questions, give advice, or input ideas, that would be great. Thanks!

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I would suggest the material being some sort of nanites so that it can change shape as you described.
Name: How about Mutantur? It means changing in latin.


Are there any disadvantages that this 'weapon' could give your Protagonist? Like, when it's in there brain does it sometimes take over?