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HI ! I'm working on a story that takes place in the 2060's, so what kind of technology do you think could be invented by then? And do you think it could be powered by a generator?


Assuming that scientists are given freedom? By 2060, we may have plasma or nuclear powered rockets. Holographic 3D communication. New construction technologies without waste. I think we can get energy in new ways. Most likely, there will already be the first settlers on Mars and a base on the Moon.

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I would look into ITER, its a new type of nuclear reactor that is in the testing phase! Also taking the trends of thinner and fancier pesonal tech, the super glass-thin phones and holograms in Marvel's more recent movies would probably be possible. Self driving cars and transport would porbably be more widespread. Prosthetics and medical advancements would be worth looking into we well ^_^

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My cyberpunk work-in-progress was inspired by a TEDtalk about this wicked awesome new technology interface that was TEDtalked about back in 2009 (T_T) where is it, why is this tech not accessible to at least the upper-middle class yet? That means I still wouldn't have it, but it would be neat to think we're alive at the same time that somebody has it, but it's been more than a decade…