forum I really need help with coming up with a world-traveling technology thing
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I won't get too into it unless I need to, but in my universe there are these people who can travel through different worlds (not really dimensions or universes, but like I said I won't get much into it). The problem is, I can't really figure out how they would do that. I'm sort of thinking that they would use something either technological or magical (I'm sort of leaning towards technological). I guess I just really need help coming up with that kind of concept since I haven't really needed to do that before in writing. I don't really want it to be too similar to Doctor Who or Rick and Morty since this isn't necessarily a Sci-Fi story, but I'm open to advice or suggestions.


Do you have an idea of how they would travel? (I realize how unhelpful this sounds but gimme a sec). Because if you have a light concept idea in your head, maybe you could make it more technological? For example, in Doctor Strange, they use those magic ring thingies, right? So, if you were thinking of something like that, you might add a programming factor in, or make the ‘ring’ dependent on the user instead of vice versa? Just ideas… I’m sorry I’m so bad at this


What if you made a machine that could transport you anywhere as long as you fed it something from the place you want to go? So of course in order to do that, someone will have had to travel there by ordinary means, so does your story have space ships or something? Or are the other "worlds" more like how Narnia does it in The Magician's Nephew?


I have an idea that's kinda techy, kinda magic. It's like a potion or an extreme acid, you brew it up, spill it on the floor in a puddle or whatever, then you drop in a pure element that reacts with it, literally burning a hole between worlds. You gotta be careful not to get burned cuz' this is some real nasty stuff. When you jump through the hole and you're in the other world, the role of the acid is inverted and as you pour it on the edges of the hole, the ground starts to grow back. Like a healing wound. Whaddya think?