forum i need some ideas for crazy and awesome sci fi weapons and armor and crap, build away
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Jaeger. 'Hunters'
Small, portable, and extremely good at murder. Kind-of like those dog thingies in that one Black Mirror episode. Vaguely animal-esque. Usually travels on four legs. Though it has two extra, and can go bipedal, albeit awkwardly.
Built to track down and kill targets, their tech allows them to take out targets with only some collateral damage. Medium armor matched with maximum lethality weapons, they will drag themselves across the Earth to hunt down their target.
Built in a college with federal money, these bots rebuilt the justice system. Their design is permanently sealed to any but the ones who build them. Each and every bot is capable of taking down an entire squadron of troops.
They shoot, stab, and crush their targets until every single one is in the dust.

Size: About 3 x 1 feet, with legs extending 1 ft below the main body.

Armor: Bulletproof to any caliber below 9 mm. Can hold 1 ton of weight without being crushed.

Weapons: Armor-piercing bullets. Arm extension at 10000 newtons. Able to punch through…basically everything.

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Reverse Coffins, as I like to call them. This is an idea I've had that I don't intend to use, so feel free.

Imagine Baymax meets tanning bed. You get in and close it and the AI scans you for anything from sickness to sore muscles to wounds. It has materials for treatment - massage pads, syringes, bandages, drugs and pills, antiseptic, anesthetic, etcetera. You climb in hurt or sick and you climb out cured (or at least with medication to take). Very unlikely to exist in the real world ever but a fun fantasy.


Oh! i think i've seen something like this in the movie Elysium, and it would be an amazing addition to the plot, i have a great ideas forming, thanks so much!


damn, THANKS! i intent to use this in a story with your permission

It's always a joy for a writer to see their idea come to fruition, under anyone's work.


I’m writing the technologies for this in my story, but here, Rail weaponry. Imagine a gun the fires a small, dense projectile that goes at about 7-15 times the speed of sound(depending on power output and gun variety). Rail machine guns can punch through tank armor and space ship mounted rail cannons can blast holes in capital ships or even asteroids


Just looking for clarification, are you looking for personal gear, or like tanks and planes, or like massive colossal space war ships?

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Neutronium. Extracted from Neutron Stars in a very delicate operation. When combined with Negative Mass (Not Anti-Matter, Negative Mass) will be able to be used in weapons and armor. Incredibly strong. If a Neutron Star can stand it, so can this.

Laser Gun
It shoots lazers. Not much else to say.

Laser Machinegun
It's a machinegun for lasers.

This can fit into a special sealed satchel, and when taken out of the satchel and exposed to air will superheat to insane temperatures. Made of Neutronium.

Gamma Laser Turret
To be attached to the side of a Starship. It will easily burn through everything. The higher the wavelength, the more damaging it is.

Plasma Thrower
This superheats lead to temperatures in which it turns to plasma. It will act as a Flame-thrower, except it will burn through most things. Not Neutronium, though.

Molten Flak Coingul
Shoots molten Flak at enemies at superspeeds, can be handheld or equipped to a Starship.

Visual Implants
These, when implanted into the eye, will allow them to see like Iron-Man can.

Brain Implant
When implanted into the brain, will increase intellect and reaction time. You can change settings on other implants with this and the visual implants. This is necessary for control of most implants. What you think will happen when regarding settings on implants. You can turn down touch sensitivity when in combat or turn it up during… certain times…

Skin Implant
Implanted under the skin is a thin layer of a hyper-flexible, hyper-thin and super strong material known as (Insert Name Here) which is responsible for touch control and effictively makes you a super-strong being.

Ear Implant
Increases hearing.

These can be controlled with the Brain Implant and will form into whatever you want, and/or cover you in a protective shield/make a grabbling hook in a pinch situation.

Electromagnetic Cannon
About the size of a real-life machinegun. Will, when activated, create a huge force that sends people hurtling back.

Just a few ideas.


Well in that case, its hard to go wrong with a personal AI. Also I would suggest things like body armor that acts like a Swiss army knife, it needs to be able to do it all. I would also suggest you look at the weaponry available to Judge Dredd, specifically Lawgiver. It just oozes sci fy killing goodness.


Here we go…
Mobile Portal: A pair of treads with an engine and a portal frame attached, allows you to travel to other mobile portals, or stationary portals, or even alternate realities.
Thunderbolt: A two handed cannon weighing around 50 lbs. It shoots a beam that can go on for miles, is as hot as an arc of lightning, can travel at light speed, and can punch through steel, shot can continue for 30 seconds before reload.
Omnivehichle: Is literally every vehicle, much to complicated to go into right now, can drive, fly swim, travel through space, and has small SMG's mounted on it just 'cause.
Teleporter belt: A belt that can teleport you within 20 meters of yourself omnidirectionally, and instantaneously, can teleport 15 times before it must recharge.
Disintegration watch: A watch that disintegrates stuff regardless of it's durability, can do so 15 times before it needs to recharge.
Ares: A smaller, less speedy, less powerful version of the thunderbolt, but it has a chainsaw on the back that uses a friction amplifier to light it's chain on fire.
Exosuit: Can allow you to lift 10 tons, and run at 40 mph, comes with night vision and infrared vision, as well as a grenade launcher in one arm.
EMP Gun: Shoots concentrated EMP waves that disable others' technology.


"I'm not comfortable with the dogs. You know, the ones with the poison venom."

"We do not sell canine-based force augmentation units with poisonous venom. It's paralytic venom. There's a difference."

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Yamatsu that's the most bad-ass thing I have ever heard.
Back on topic though my idea is called the tubular knife (please feel free to change). The blade is made of a weave of nano-tubes that easily tears through flesh and other organic compounds (like wood). Once the weave is formed it is so tight you don’t need to worry about guts getting stuck in the blade. The hilt contains a vibration generator that moves the blade back and forth super fast allowing it to act like a saw that tears through enemies as fast as you can move the blade. The blade is strong but, over time the tubes will get loose, pinch closed, or get worn down. Luckily a bad blade is easy to replace if not a little pricey, but don’t worry the tubes last longer than you might think. Another drawback though is it’s weak against solid surfaces like metal armor. But I said it’s a nano-tube not nano-fiber blade. The hilt can be outfitted to release most anything through the tubes (Strong acid, deadly poison, stunning electricity, intense heat, or cleaning fluid). To keep the blade from being flimsy it is wrapped around metal bars that come out from the hilt.
Despite the name it can be any blade knife, ax, sword, etc.


@gamerboy11116 ooh, I love that first Neutronium idea! Since the OP hasn't mentioned wanting to use that, would you mind if I used a variation of it? :)