forum I need some help with creating a name for a new kind of technology that I am including in my story
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Isabelle Cranmer

I have come up with the idea of creating these small circular disks that have lights on them. The characters have to throw two of them at a time in order to create a magnetic field. When the field is broken then 1 of two things happens. Either it sets off a bomb, or when multiple are lined up on a wall and the field is broken then it shoots highly concentrated lasers. The last type is more complicated. If you place the disk on a wall for example, you have to press the middle and it gives you 30 seconds to clear the area before it "absorbs" the object that it was placed on. Do you guys have any ideas that would help me perfect this idea or any ideas for naming the disks?


That's usually because that suffix is used in chemical formulas and when describing lots of rocks i.e. malachite, titanite, granite (got you!).


when I deal with names for magic systems, items, or technlogy, what helps is looking up the words or phrase that descibes it, then looking at synonyms or root words for it, then jumbling a couple together until one sounds right.

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How about giving them a name but then just normally call them something simple, like "Disks" or "Light Tapes"? Idk.


I like the idea that other people are getting by using the "-ite" suffix. Perhaps do some research on what materials that you will throw the disks on to see if it could work. So the disks only absorb materials that have an element that ends in "-ite". :) just some ideas.

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This weapon has the same tactical role of a trip-wire. A trip wire is a type of mine. You also said it had lights on it. So maybe it should be called a lamp mine.
Also I am not sure your science is all that good. Someone walking through won't break a magnetic field. (I could actually be wrong) So why not use a small beam of light. It won't be visible unless you look directly in its source. At which time it will blow up.