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My main character is a Half-Dragon with a hoard of weapons that he uses (and tries to justify to everyone else why he has so many). The technology level of my universe is on par with Monster Hunter/ Post-WWI America, so planes, trains, automobiles, and Dragonators are impressive. Also, he has an ability that is pretty much Earthbending, but I need some new ideas for this bruiser character.


One thing you could do is have a blade that doubles as a gun. I know this sounds weird but if he were to carry a sword or something like that and he wears gloves, maybe have a gun barrel down the blood channel and have the trigger be at the hilt. This is most likely a single-shot kind of weapon, but…who knows.


So… A gunblade? Have you ever heard of a man named Squall? Final Fantasy VIII? There have been plenty of those, one of the characters I have already uses a similar weapon. Instead, it's a .45 caliber revolver with a Rambo Knife where the barrel is.


How would the cannon be powered if it was directly integrated into your body? Battery? Some sort of crazy fuel? A firearm literally fused to your arm?


I remember there was a thread on Tumblr about magical prosthetics, and my mind immediately turned to a Barbarian Druid character that was a minotaur who lost his arm and replaced it with a tree. Then, I imagine having multiple arms for various purposes or for when he outgrows them. This is a strange jump from the magical Mega Buster we just talked about, but I was reminded about that thread and then turned to WEAPONIZED PROSTHETICS! Form and function! Rather than it being just a sword or a hook, have a mace that can open up into a claw for grabbing or something like that!

I think I just got an idea for a new character…

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Your Minotaur Barb/Druid sounds insanely fun.

Speaking of gun-blades, have you ever heard of Katar daggers? They're probably best known for being Voldo's weapon-of-choice in the Soul Caliber series. Not only do they look incredibly cool by default, but there have also been designs online which turn the sides of the weapon into firearms.


I mean, honestly, who hasn't tried to turn something into a gun. My MC has a war hammer with a freaking CANNON in the handle! Henry VIII did something similar with a spiked mace with firearms in it. They called it his "walking stick!"


what if you just stuck with something classic like a crossbow with explosive arrows? or maybe a magic rifle with bullets that set things on fire? (I know we already have those bullets, but they didn't in WWI)


I got it! Tracer bullets are made from a drunken night of crafting where Yama holds up a bullet, scratches his chin, his eyes look in two separate directions, and then he sticks it in a can of glue before putting gunpowder on it.


I've always liked the idea of like the lesser represented medieval weapons with technological advancements to make it more user friendly or so that it has dual function. 
Kunais. A set of kunais designed to teleport back to the user after making the farthest puncture it can. This modification makes it so that the attacker may never run out of ammo and the attacked will bleed out much faster. A whip that can solidify after you change it's shape. This modification gives it the ability to be more effective at strangling enemies, or can be used to pick locks, or even as a spear. The possibilities become endless! What about a trident that sucks the water out of an opponent's body? This modification severely dehydrates and disabled opponents and is entirely lethal. Maybe even a bo-staff that lights on fire when it receives friction. Yes, this modification does require the user to wear fire resistant/proof items, but it's cool nonetheless.