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My world is mainly fantasy mixed with a bit of sci-fi, so some weapons and other machines exist. Problem is i need a weapon that can somehow control magic (and is also considered a secret weapon, one that can provide the key to victory). It can be a sci-fi weapon based on a fantasy weapon or whatever you like
For example, you have a normal wizard. You use this weapon on him and you basically stunned his magic abilities, making them useless or it can even take the magic away (most of the times it only seals it for a period of time - this is the case i'm using)

  1. How exactly does it work?
  2. How would you name it?
  3. If possible, can you suggest a visual description of it?
    You can also suggest other machines that could exist in a fantasy world (i could use some examples since i really don't know what to put there)
    Thanks in advance!!!


What I'm thinking is something like a smooth stone or a rock that you put on a magic users pressure point or temple and it drains them of their magic. Them you could put that magic into a weapon made of the same type of stone and the weapon would then have some magical properties. The rock could be found in a cursed land devoid of magic so when it comes in contact with certain people, they feel drained. The rock could be a concentrated version of what is in the cursed land, so it takes away their magic completely. The rock could have a symbol or a rune on it to make it so powerful, and there could also be different variations of the rock for different types of magic.
Hope this helped! Happy writing!

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Small My Hero Academia manga spoiler. Not huge, but it hasn't been shown in the anime yet, so I'll tag it just in case:

Anyway, you could use something like that.


It could be like Enter the Gungeon, with one of the weapons being called the Bundle of Wands. It acts like a firearm, the trigger activates a wand that shoots a magical burst, but the design is basically a bundle of sticks duct-taped together on a grip. It's silly, but it does blend magic and technology! Maybe wands could store spells, and you would change out wands depending on the spells needed.

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I'm thinking maybe this gun looking thing, where on the end it has these three claw things that basically grab the persons magic. It could then unleash the magic in a powerful bolt.

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how about a gun of simple design like a warhammer lasgun. But its covered in runes or seals that block the flow of magic. And when you pull the trigger it opens the tip of gun allowing the magic absorbing crystal to suck up magic from whoever is on the other end of the gun.
A long thin barrel allows for more precise, and more accurate suckage. Thus giving longer range. A fat shorter barrel will create a sort of shotgun that sucks a lot of magic at short range. Bigger guns hold bigger crystals which suck more (do more damage). Where as small guns like pistols wont do much on larger enemies. Also you can have it where "more pure" crystal are more expensive and effective. These guns have to be "reloaded" from time to time when crystals fill up. The crystals can be drained later for reuse. Or rather than draining crystals they can be used as a batter to power another weapon. (Although that might be to complex)

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Oh! I have an item that does this in my story! Its a simple sword, but the blade is forged of an anti-magic material. Ingesting the material would mean it would take a few hours for the anti-magicness of it to come into affect, but a blade puts small traces of it directly into the bloodstream. Because the material is so potent, it can take away someone magic for two weeks with just a cut. The bigger the wound, the longer the affect lasts.

Of course, the best way to use it is it liquid form and to inject it into someone's blood. Depending on how much there is, it can remove someone's magical abilities for up to a year.

And then there's beings made of magic. For example, if a demon or an angel were injected with this, they would instantly die, because they are ethereal beings who's very life force is derived of magic.

Hope this helped!

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I know I'm late, but how about a device that emits a special frequency of sound/energy/radio waves??? And those waves act like a jammer on magic and cause it to fail. Like, the jammer operates on the same wavelength and drowns out/blocks the magic. Or it could be a wave that really bothers magic users and breaks their concentration, like high-pitched whistles for animals?
The device might be a series of transmitters that are set up in a circle or triangle to surround their target, or maybe a single big thing like a radio tower. Idk, that's just what came to mind ^^