forum I'm horrible at design, care to suggest?
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Don't know how to describe my idea, but can I draw it?

A MECH is a robotic humanoid. Is this what you had in mind?

Or do you mean a mech suit, something to be worn by a human?

I can draw the first one, not too sure about the second…

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@Fangirl616 yes you can draw it! Yes, I was thinking of a MECHA type thing piloted by a human. Bulky with heavy armour and packing a lot of firepower in the form of railguns and such.


My immediate thought was either those AT-ATs from Star Wars or those large mechsuits with the two gigantic machine guns from the third Matrix movie.

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@Yamatsu Blend those together, then throw in some anime mecha. But put lots of angular armor on it. That was my original idea, a large heavily armoured behemoth of pure destruction.


So keep the general body shape of the Matrix-mech, but add the fat feet of the AT-ATs! Put in some armor around the chest, maybe thicken the limbs, give it a sleek paint-job, and you're all set!

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yup. pretty much, and put massive guns and rocket launchers wherever they fit.


Often time mecha anime have interesting ideas. I usually create new things with inspiration from other ideas.

If you search up, Zero-K aquatic bear crawler, that might be an interesting design. Or perhaps search "Heavy Object / Baby Magnum", that is an interesting design for large fire power.