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Has anyone ever ridden in an electric vehicle specifically a bus? I just want to know if the feeling is different like the way it drives. I know there's no sound for an engine except for the artificial ones that else put in so pedestrians know there's a car but is there still a screeching sound when you break. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it.


Yeah the videos I watched they go pretty slow and even when they top they are silent but i think they are new and in my story, the bus is pretty old and doesn't go really slow. Thanks


yup, I was just saying they go fast cuz my teacher was talking about how he has one, and whenever his wife pulls up to a stoplight next to a sportscar, she'll rev her engine and kind challenge sportscar person. then the light turns green and she goes zero-to-sixty in like, one second


I'm pretty sure that sound is artificial since there is no actual thing that I forgot the name of to make the sound when you press on the gas. Tesla made an engine sound that's like unique to electric cars and plays through a speaker under the car so that pedestrians know that the car is there plus I bet its similar to the vacuum situation where cars just aren't the same without the noise.