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My detectives use their badges as a communication device for emergencies. It uses holograms for video calls and to send images/files to the receiving end. I'd like other details as to what the badges should look like and what their potential name could be. Also, any other ideas as to what it can do would be appreciated!

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maybe you could add a feature that allows the badge to be scanned by locks allowing access to locked public buildings.


@Leo-Valdez-needs-to-run-the-Amercan-branch-of-Weasley's-Wizarding-Wheezes-and-you-can't-change-my-mind that's a good idea…
B.A.D.G.E. could stand for Broadcasting Authorised Divulgence and Global-positioning Equipment


That sounds awesome!!! Im stealing that for sure ;0 @Leo-Valdez-needs-to-run-the-Amercan-branch-of-Weasley's-Wizarding-Wheezes-and-you-can't-change-my-mind @Ocean_rover