forum AYO! Anyone else writing/ have an AU where holograms are used?
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Holograms are used like computer tabs. If you live in/on the Dream Smp, you would use holograms for Discord stuff, Twitch streaming, Netflix, basically anything that uses a screen, thats what the holograms are for. Now, the whole system i have for the DSMP is very wacky, but thats for another time. To sum it all up, here is who can use holograms, what they can be used for, and how the fvck they work.

-Holograms can be used by anyone with a citizenship or a 6+ month visa for the Dream SMP/ "Techtopia" (i can touch on that in another place)

-Admins can use holograms for pretty much anything, from streaming to online shopping to kicking and banning people from the server

-Members can do the same as admins, but they cannot use admin/server altering commands

-Temporary residents, Visitors, and people with a visa for less than 6 months cannot use holograms, and only have access to "standard" technology (Phones, computers, etc)

You would still use your phone and stuff, just some people would have the option to use holograms, which is honestly easier because they are directly tied to the server and the internet

well, thats my hologram story! you can reply to this with questions, but i would love to see how yall use holograms!

(pardon my grammar and spelling, i am so drained today lmao)