forum bad at all sports? Your not alone!
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May I just say that being bad at sports doesn't necessarily run in a family. To be good at a sport you need practice, not some special bloodline. Unless there is some kind of disabling illness that physically prevents you from playing a sport properly.


Maybe so, but I find that easier to say than "Most of my family tried playing sports and realized that it wasn't for them. Some had a hard time with the competitive atmosphere and some just valued their teeth a bit more than their teammates."

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I'm terrible at any athletic activity.
Except for biking, I'm okay at that.
Once in 6th grade(I think) I did a biking thing at my school where we biked along the canal to a camp like 35 miles away and that was really fun. But on the way back I felt like I was dying.

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I kinda wanna do a really long bike ride thats like 40 miles,I did one that was 17 miles, that was really fun.

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When you can't ride a bike–

I'm not really much of a sports person myself, though I do thoroughly enjoy playing volleyball.

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I'm only good at the sport badminton, I can destroy almost everyone in my P.E. class