forum screw it, edit requests (open!)
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@requiemisback language

so many people liked the edits i put up on my edits thread so here's a thread for requests!


  • no nsfw, please for the love of god (gore is fine tho, as long as it's not too heavy)
  • when requesting, give me a theme (color- and aesthetic-wise) as well as a transparent PNG to work with!
  • if you use my edits, no matter what the edit is, please give credit!






have fun requesting!!


C-Can I have some for the Warner siblings-

Pastel goth aesthetic for Dot

Foodie aesthetic for Wakko

And the Theatre Kid aesthetic for my boi Yakko

@requiemisback language

question! do you only do anime characters?

nope, i also do characters outside of anime!
i just make a lot of anime edits cuz it's the only thing my pea-sized brain can come up with :')