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I need help with the less realistic parts of this scenario, original characters and such, and overall adding depth to the various parts of the universe. Feel free to check out the universe, it should be public, and if you're interested you can contact me on instagram (@juliant458) or snapchat (juliant.ghsm). I am new to this sort of thing, and I don't yet know what direction I would like to take this scenario (book, video game, hoi4 mod, etc.), so any help is greatly appreciated. Just remember, the key word here is 'realistic,' this isn't some tumblr fanfic.

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I've you tried the current state of the USA? You can write 500K+ page with the utopia meet idiocracry show that's going on. Turn the 6th of january with those people killing the senators and governors and there you have it, all hell break loose.

KingMolnar Premium Supporter

Yes, that aspect is not an issue for me, however if I want to turn this into a story of some sort I need help with the character building and dialogue. Although I have considered modeling the story as a nonfiction book set in this world, not sure yet.