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Started by Gazelle

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So I want to make a comic series, gee how original. My drawing ability is about one step above abysmal, I'm trying to draw this stuff but I don't really have what it takes to get past the draft phase. I'm looking for someone to help me progress beyond this point. There isn't any specific job I need someone to do, I just need someone to work with. I'm using Clip Studio, which can apparently be set up to do group work, so that's the preferred program. Not looking for any experts unless you have the patience of a solitaire game, an amateur like myself would be ideal.

About the comic:

The story is called The Girl With No Smile, and low and behold, it's about a girl who is unable to make facial expressions. After an extended rough start in life lasting to her late teens, she finally finds the opportunity to be loved through a new group of freinds who themselves are as socially outcasted as her. The story follows her rocky relationship with her friends, bullies, alcohol and tobacco, as she tries to understand where she's going and compares it to the next worse thing. Meanwhile she learns to express her emotions through ways other than her face, as her friends learn to understand her despite the absence of information.