forum I'll sketch your characters! (closed for now)
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I'm super art blocked rn so send me your children for me to draw. I have no motivation so I'll probably only do a sketch or line art. I'd prefer if you have a reference but if you don't thats ok. If u wanna see what my art looks like, you can find it on instagram.


[note: the name on the character sheet is spelled the japanese way, with the last name first and first name last, sorry if that doesn't make sense]
[extra note: the linked reference image can be found here]


Here are ur kids!
First up we got Jax. She's super cute!
Up next is Cream!
And last and not least, Violet and Cypher! Btw, their stories sound super cool!


And last and not least, Violet and Cypher! Btw, their stories sound super cool!

I love them so much!! With your permission, I'd like to use these as part of their character bio's and also colour them in
They have an interesting story arc, I'm still working out the kinks on the story but thank you!


(If you're still in the mood, I'd love if you could do one or two of my characters. Again, only as long as you're still up for drawing :3)


Yall are welcome! And feel free to use them in your character bios and color.
Also @RainyDayArtist
Sure just link their profile or give me a refrence.


Real quick, most of these characters are in progress. So if you need something I haven't put, please do let me know! Though I tried to make sure they had the basics. I'm also really not picky which one you pick, if you only want to do one. I just thought I'd give options :P

Quinn- Quinn Kipp
Arla- Arla Nixton

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

Hey! I love your sketches! They’re so adorable! I would love to see a few of my own characters in your style!
If you would want to here they are!

If you’re too busy or dont want to, thats totally fine! I just really love your sketches! They’re so cute and i would love it so much if you drew them in this style!


(For now im not accepting any more characters but when i finish the current ones, ill open it back up again)