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@drying-on-a-clothes-line-sock Could you give me a description of what Lucas is wearing, please?

He usually wears a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath and jeans :)


@fuyu Yup! I can see her now, thanks! Edit: What does Hana wear?
@drying-on-a-clothes-line-sock Are they normal blue jeans? Edit: Also, shoes?

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@fuyu Yup! I can see her now, thanks! Edit: What does Hana wear?

She usually just wears clothes that would be considered outdated, like fancy blouses, dresses, and skirts. Usually dark green or white in colour and she wears black flats to go with this


@fuyu Sweet, thanks! She should be done by this weekend.
@SupernaturalSyGuyEdt Sure! Probably won't get started on him until tomorrow or later this weekend, though, just an fyi. Could you tell me what he wears, though, and if you'd like any particular pose/information added?

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Hey, could you draw Sam here? He wears a cloak, and there's just a generic tunic and a plain pair of pants underneath. He's still a bit bland, so this will help me develop him. If anything's missing in his description, just make something up! Thanks! Samuel

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Um hey, so I have been trying and failing to draw my dnd character, I have a bunch of references but… I can't draw. Would you mind giving it a try?