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I’m trying out a new lofi-esque style I just found and liked, so I’ll make you a pfp!

Just fill out:

*Clothing style:
*General personality: (Just a quick overview is fine)

(: Thank you!

@Kie group

Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'5", pale skin, wavy dark brown hair which falls a little higher than my chin, green eyes with brown specks in em (downturned, if that matters), freckles scattered on my arms and legs, a light dusting of them across my nose and under my eyes, then 3 prominent ones that form a sort of triangle on the left of my face. My eyelashes are a decent length and very much visible. I generally have a straight face, but because of RBF people think I'm kinda angry or upset.
Clothing style: I always wear some form of jeans (pants, shorts, overalls, shortalls, skirts) and a pair of Converse (black, maroon, or black hightops with a floral pattern). Typically, I have on a long-sleeved shirt or hoodie but am not shy about wearing crop-tops or off-shoulder shirts. I absolutely refuse to wear tights or sweatpants.
General personality: Towards schoolmates I'm generally pretty quiet and shy but around friends I'm loud and (according to them) fun. I get to be pretty standoffish if somebody says something I don't like or agree with. I'm pretty emotional and may cry easily.


Oh this looks fun!! and I need a pfp anyways :)

Gender: female
Appearance: 6'0 (yes I am very tall for my age), my body type is somewhere in between an hourglass and rectangle shape, lighter tan skin, blue eyes, golden brown hair that's wavy and a little puffy and goes down just past my collarbone, double piercings on both ears, cartilage piercing on my left ear, nose ring on the right side, I always wear a lot of mascara and most of the time eyeliner, I have pretty defined cheekbones and an oval shaped face
Clothing style: kind of vintage skater style? I always wear a pair of dusty blue old school vans that are worn out from skating, I normally wear oversized light blue jeans, a tank top, with an oversized flannel or an oversized short sleeve button up over it. for my jewelry I have three friendship bracelets on my ankle and for my double pricing I wear white diamond earrings and for my cartilage and nose I wear sliver rings.
General personality: im a pretty shy introvert but when im around my friends I can be funny, loud, confident, and super bubbly. I also tend to argue with people I don't agree with a lot and ive gotten in my fair share of fights.

hope that's enough, thanks!! :)

@Anemone eco

Gender: Male
Appearance: Much like my current profile picture. My hair is short, black, and curly and similarly styled as in my profile pic on most days (it's straight today). I have black-framed glasses shaped like the ones in my profile pic. I have freckles across my nose and some lightly dusted onto my cheeks. I have dimples that are most prominent when I smile (well, a smirk more often than I smile), though I don't often. I have oblong eyes with irises that are so dark brown that most say appear black when not right in my face. I have very pale skin also like what is shown.
*Clothing style: Uhh. Hoodies. Typically black ones or red ones. I guess you can count my two ear piercings as part of my appearance as well. Otherwise, there isn't much about me. I wear jeans. Typically dark blue ones, or sometimes acid wash ones. When I'm not wearing hoodies I'm typically wearing flannels or whatever else that's long-sleeved. I like, two pairs of shoes that I actually wear out of my mountain of shoes. One pair is gold sneakers and the other is black combat boots.
*General personality: Standoff-ish in person. I make bad jokes, say the wrong things, and push people away most commonly. I've been told that I'm typically dark and morbid. Though I'm really not that bad (I think). When I get close to a person, I love to joke around and have fun, and I really care about them. Albeit the jokes may not always be appropriate, but it's all in good fun.

@Pickles group

*Gender: female
*Appearance: blue eyes, blond-ish brown-ish hair that's kind of an icky color, kinda ends at my boob (I'm sorry, I don't know how else to compare the length) and is somehow wavy, curly, and straight at the same time. My skin is not great lightly tanned, I suppose, but I usually look pretty pale. My face is an awkward sort of shape where I suppose it's kind of rectangular but I also have fairly decent cheekbones. I'm pretty short and skinny. I kind of have an hourglass figure just because my waist is so small.
*Clothing style: jeans or leggings and a black crewneck or excessively large sweatshirt. Every day. Not much to it, really.
*General personality: I'm a crackhead around my friends and late at night, but I'm generally nervous, not nice, and intensely morbid

I feel like I didn't say enough but I also don't know what else to add-

@-ellia-cant-think-of-a-username- group

Gender: Female
Appearance: blue/grey eyes, golden blond hair that reaches to my lower back. it's pretty straight, but kinda messy. I usually keep it down, falling around my shoulders. I have a pretty oval-shaped face and pale skin with light freckles. I have a tall, rectangular body and am pretty skinny.
Clothing style: On a normal day I tend to wear maroon hoodies a lot with light blue jeans. I occasionally match earrings or a bracelet if you'd like to add something else :)
General personality: I'm very introverted, but friendly. I'm pretty open to others, but won't ever really be the kind of person to text first. My sister calls me dark, but I'm really not, I just tend to like dark, scary things. The people I'm close to only really ever see my 'dark side.' They also probably see my funnier side more than anybody else. I can make good jokes.. i just don't

Hopefully that's enough! And I really love that art style it's so cute

@d-r-e-a-m-s-e-q-u-e-n-c-e group

omg this is great!! here lemme bring u a thing back

Gender: female
Appearance: approx. 5'3". chocolate brown eyes. layered, super thick brown hair with auburn highlights that reaches to my shoulders, usually with little braids or hair wraps in, and bangs that end at my eyebrows. very pale face that's usually pockmarked and dark circles under my eyes, and i've been told i have a really strong jawline. i wear large glasses with gray frames. curvy hourglass physique.
Clothing style: hmm…i like dark wash jeans and oversized t-shirts tucked in. also flannels, esp. around the waist. and space clothing of any kind. lots of bracelets for sure. i also usually try to wear obnoxious dangly earrings,, a lot of jewelry in general lol. if i don't have earbuds in then they're around my neck.
General personality: massive crackhead/memelord. i get anxiety easily and i don't sleep well. i'm still mourning vine. youtube takes up 90 percent of my time. i would say i'm a mom friend, and i will definitely listen to whatever anyone has to say. i make a lot of hand gestures (peace signs, finger guns etc) and cliche anime poses. i consider myself an elder gay and i listen to music constantly to where its kind of unhealthy.

yes that is all
if you so desire i can pay in memes. just message me lol
thank u friend i love u <3

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'3, kinda thin, very dark brown eyes, my skin tone's… I'd say somewhere along the lines of almond, almost? My hair is dark brown, almost black, very curly and floofy, and usually in twin poofs on top of my head.
Clothing style: I usually just wear hoodies(my favorite being my instant ramen hoodie), and t-shirts. Sometimes, I have a straw hat(because One Piece), but it's usually hanging on my back by the strap thing because of my immense poof. I like wearing jeans of any kind and sneakers.
General personality: Chaotic artist. Also a weeb, and kinda wild. If I'm around people I'm comfortable with. Otherwise, I can barely even talk.


Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde/golden/red hair? Kinda strawberry blonde but like…also coppery? I have weird hair, but like…imagine red hair mixed with gold, leaning a bit more towards gold, and you've got me. Just past my shoulders in length, and wavy. Little frizzes around my face that curl up when they get wet. Usually either loose or in a low ponytail, sometimes high ponytail. Skin is like…super super pale (like fuckin' Snow White or something, I stg), and I have freckles on my nose and forehead, though not many. Eyes are blue/green/grey, and change a little depending on the day and what I'm wearing. I'm 5'0" even, with a pear shaped body
Clothing style: Hoodies and t-shirts and sweatpants, to be honest. The hoodies are either a grey "Wasilla, Alaska" one with a grizzly bear, or a blue "Alaska Grown" one. T-shirts are usually in solid colors.
General personality: Always Tired. Chaotic MessTM vibes almost all the time. Constantly confused. Humorous when probably shouldn't be. Always reading or writing or messing around on here. Loves to read about history, especially wartime. Loves plants, but tends to kill them when I try to grow them.

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These are so dang cute! (And I need a pfp)

Gender: Female
Appearance: Long, wavy dark brown hair that hangs about 8" below my shoulders, parted on the left side. Hazel eyes. A round face with not much of a prominent jawline. Pale skin with soft freckles on my nose and cheeks that are just slightly darker than my skin tone. Full lips with a dimple on the left side of my mouth when I smile (although I don't smile often). I have a resting bitch face. It is not intentional, it's just my default facial expression. I am 5'10" and I don't have a lot of curves.
Clothing style: Hoodies! (most often black or misty grey colored hoodies), dark blue/black skinny jeans, mismatched colorful socks, and black combat boots or tennis shoes when I go somewhere. And I always have earbuds in. Like always have them in. Even if I am not listening to music lol. I will occasionally wear some rings that are mostly silver and black and there is nothing too fancy about them. They are pretty plain.
General personality: Shy, anxious, nervous, awkward, and tired (cause of my insomnia). It takes me a bit to become comfortable around people, but when I do I still not all that out-going. The only people I am 100% comfortable around are my brothers and sisters.