forum I know how to write torture/pain really, really well... so....
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Thank you! I didn't want the snake to be venomous, or make the bite itself too serious. Sience she's lost in the woods without any medical help nearby. (I am not killing off any characters…at least…not yet.)


If you're not busy, I was wondering what kind of injuries could be considered incapacitating? I'm writing a story where a character of mine has been recaptured by a less-than-friendly group that she has history with. The leader doesn't want her escaping again, so she decides to injure her just enough to keep her from running off, but not to where she's at a risk of bleeding out or permanent disability .

In terms of pain tolerance, this character is definitely on the strong side. She's been hired as a sort of unofficial guard (think along the lines of a loyal mercenary) for some high-ranking nobles, so she's a skilled fighter with lots of experience in dealing with pain. She's the type to get shot by an arrow and just keep chugging along until someone forces her to deal with it.

As for other determining factors, this character is about 5'9 and 130lbs. Twenty years old. She's pretty well-built in terms of muscles, but leans more towards wiry and lean than legitimately buff. Worst pain she's ever had was probably being run through with a sword in her lower torso and unable to get help until about an hour afterward.

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Okay, so I love to hurt my characters and so on. But how much pain would you experience if, say, a limb were severed from your body? Such as an arm? What does a gunshot wound feel like? What if a character has both their legs broken and mutilated so badly they could never stand up again? Would they still feel pain after the event? I need to know for reasons.