forum i can make a kinda-aesthetic profile picture for you!
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@requiemisback language

i thought this would be fun to do since it's a good way for me to kill time + i'm bored lol

just add an image into the thread, tell me what color you'd want, and determine if you want effects or not (if you do, specify what kind)!

here are some examples:

and here are the rules for requesting:

  • if you plan on using the profile picture, please credit me in any way you can!
  • no NSFW images, please! gore / slight blood is okay tho!
  • depending on the type of request, it may take longer to be completed
  • i can also make matching icons if you want!
  • after a request is completed for you, you can always come back if you want another one! (it gives me more opportunities to get rid of my boredom, so-)
  • have fun and be creative! i love doing more creative requests since they always turn out better than expected ngl <3

anyway, go ham!

@sock group

I would like a cute edit of my boi Chan! :)
For colors, I think a pink would be nice. For effects, could you do a flower crown(if possible) and some flower petals/flowers falling around?
Thanks in advance!

@sock group

I think I'll request a second one!
Can you do my boi, Jay?

A darker, more dramatic aesthetic would be nice. I don't really have anything specific in mind, so anything's fine :)


I've actually got three options for pics for this boi(also this art is not mine nor is it from a picrew, just want to put it out there bc I Do Not claim credit for them, plaigarism bad). Not to say that you have to do all three, I'm just extremely indecisive lmao

As far as aesthetics go, really the only things I know for sure would be feathers(specifically red) and cloud symbolism, since he's the Hero of the Sky. As far as colors go, softer green/red would probably be best. Hearts would probably be good too. Basically he's a soft sleeby boi from the skies who's hopelessly in love lol